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Who are we ?

The association "Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Charleroi" was created on the 12th June 2003, and handle 10 border towns : Charleroi, Aiseau-Presles, Châtelet, Courcelles, Gerpinnes, Farciennes, Fleurus, Fontaine-l'Evêque, les Bons Villers and Pont-à-Celles.

The Tourism office is located on Place Charles II, nr 20 in 6000 Charleroi. Charleroi's town is the owner of the house, which also shelters Charleroi Tourist information Office (council's service).

The Tourism office's main goal is to welcome and inform tourists in the associated towns and to support tourist activities related to these regions.

The Tourism office encourages public and private partnership, for insteance within the Horeca sector (catering sector). The Tourism office's main goal is to develop the urban and cultural tourism, preferably long stay tourism for which the aimed public is strangers arriving at Charleroi's airport, tourists coming to the L'Eau d'Heure's lakes or in Charleroi South's self-catering cottages.

Business tourism is another important part of the tourist offer.

The Tourism office makes sensitive the decision-makers to include the tourist dimension in their reflections about the country planning and sites.

The valuation of the material and immaterial heritage stays one of the priorities of the tourist development. The success of the urban tourism will also depend on the success of the renovation of the city centre.

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