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Zone verte - 7km


Green Area
From Marchienne-au-Pont to Roux : 7 km (4.35 mi.)
You will be walking through the woods belonging to another castle. Once you are out, the GR joins the RAVeL on the former industrial railway L112, a green suburban and countrysidelike corridor. On your radar, the gigantic Monceau-Fontaine Central Wash House Shunting spoil tip, which you have to circumvent. Other relics of the former mining platform have survived, such as the concrete mining pit frame drown in vegetation after the railway bridge in rue Fosse-du-Bois. Greened spoil tips pepper the landscape and transform the relief. The Martinet spoil tips, which look like natural hills, can be seen from afar. The GR leads you there through some wilderness on the N583 before starting to climb the Big Spoil Tip. Oak trees, beech trees, maples, wild cherries, rowans and sweet chestnut trees intertwine in an experimental vertical forest from the 1950s. Along the pathway, you will discover mirrors belonging to the “ Fragments ” artistic
route. The GR explores the ruins of the former coalmine that was among the biggest European mining sites in the 1930s. The plain and spoil tips have been preserved thanks to citizen initiatives and are now classified as a bird sanctuary.
The GR leaves the Martinet through an orchard, along the nearby farm’s fields, and leads to the Charleroi- Bruxelles canal. Goosebumps under the long railway tunnel.


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