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Zone Sambre indus - 4 km


Sambre Indus Area
From Charleroi to Marchienne-au-Pont : 4 km (2.48 mi.)
With the gare du Sud (South station) in your back, walk in the direction of the first factory on your left by the Sambre canal towpath. Do not cross the bridge. Here, a grapple unloads scrap iron used in steel production from a barge. You will see miles of factories, footbridges, motionless ore conveyors forever suspended on their way to the immobile high
furnace. Along the Providence strand, sounds, shapes, and colours meet
ghost factories : there, you will find “ Urban Dream ”, a street art area and a tailor-made overground line, which faces Rockerill. Named after the merging of rock ‘n’ roll and Cockerill steel industries, Rockerill balances between garage punk and label-owned electronic music. Here, vegetation is tainted with the colour of rust. Waters flow down from the cooler. Right after Marchienne bridge, the Cartier Castle’s ancient back alley will lead you to refreshment stations. The GR joins the towpath along the Sambre after the bridge, in the boatmen’s district. Up until the 1980s, the barge basin used to neighbour the “ Northern Sambre Steel and Coal Works ” high furnaces. RAVeL 3 (the autonomous network of slow ways in Wallonia) slow path.


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