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  • Bois du Cazier

    Bois du Cazier

    The location of a mining disaster, the site offers a tour involving three areas: Espace 8 août 1956, the Industry Museum and the Glass Museum. The Industry Museum recreates the time of ...

  • BPS22 - The Art Museum of Province de Hainaut

    BPS22 - The Art Museum of Province de Hainaut

    Housed in an industrial glass building constructed for the 1911 industrial and trade exhibition, the venue has retained its distinctiveness and its industrial splendour. The BPS22 now enjoys...

  • U.L.B. Scientific Culture Centre

    U.L.B. Scientific Culture Centre

    Nestled in a green setting, the SCC offers exhibits on a variety of themes, interactive experiences and several workshops....

  • Château de la Paix - Chambre de Napoléon

    Château de la Paix - Chambre de Napoléon

    Le 16 juin 1815, Napoléon remportait sa dernière victoire lors de la bataille de Saint-Amand/Ligny. Le combat fut des plus meurtriers et au terme de cette lutte, les troupes pr...

  • Trazegnies Castle

    Trazegnies Castle

    Trazegnies was the seat of a powerful seigniory and the cradle of one of Europe’s most illustrious families. The Trazegnies family owned a castle worthy of their line. Today there ...

  • Espace 8 août 1956

    Espace 8 août 1956

    Jamais la mine n'avait réclamé autant de victimes, en échange du charbon extrait de ses entrailles, que le 8 août 1956 au Bois du Cazier. Suite à une er...

  • Museum of Liberchies

    Museum of Liberchies

    Born in Liberchies in 1910, Django Reinhardt is a major personality of our cultural heritage. This space highlights Django Reinhardt throught his life, his works and his influence on con...

  • Poterie Dubois - The potter’s barn

    Poterie Dubois - The potter’s barn

    Potters from father to son since 13 generations (since 1595) in Bouffioulx, the Dubois family still produces pottery in their old workshop (from 1868). To share this exceptionnal heritag...

  • Villa gallo-romaine

    Villa gallo-romaine

    En 1872, au lieu dit "Augette" sur la colline orientée vers le sud, une importante villa romaine du IIIe siècle, située non loin des confluents des ruisseaux d'A...

  • House of Pottery

    House of Pottery

    The House of Pottery pays homage to the potters of yesterday and today, enabling the visitor to discover their technique, their mastery of earth, water and fire along a setdesign circuit...

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