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logo greeters 2017-2     Discover Charleroi from the inside!

This unexpected experience focuses on tourists of a “new generation”, the well-informed tourists, who wish to take charge of their own holidays and be able to share a unique experience of exchange and discovery.

What are Greeters?

Greeters are volunteers and residents with a great sense of hospitality; they are passionate about their city and love to share their favorite spots, give special advice, tell specific anecdotes, and show you the neighborhood they live in. A unique experience of exchange and discovery!

The Greeters of Charleroi invite you to discover their city and surroundings through the eyes of a resident. The Greeter concept was initiated in New York in 1992 by Lynn Brooks. Currently there are several cities in the world with a complete Greeters network.


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You will be put in contact with a Greeter and you’ll both together set up your own program!:


    • Free of charge
    • Daily - on request
    • From 8:00 to 22:00
    • A unique encounter
    • Reservation 2 weeks in advance
    • Individual visits (up to 6 persons)

Charter Greeters Charleroi

Greeters Charleroi is a member of the Global Greeter Network.

The core values of the GGN.


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St Vincent cheese and wine fair - This fair will reassemble about 60 exhibitors, wine-grower ...

from 02 March 2018 to 04 March 2018

"Elles tissent la toile du nord au sud" - Women movie festival. ...

from 07 March 2018 to 10 March 2018

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